Age Of The Living Dead Ep 1

‘Age of the Living Dead’: Watch Episode 1 of This Vampire Drama

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Well this one caught us by surprise, we’re not happy to admit: a vampire series that made its debut in 2018 and we’re only just hearing about it now? You couldn’t be more disappointed in us than we are, so no guilt trips! The overall series description is described as follows: “In an America quarantined by the rest of the world behind huge border walls, humans and vampires co-exist on opposite coasts thanks to a peace treaty, while plotting to destroy the other. A young woman apppears at a base in the No Man’s Land area between the two factions, and may be the secret weapon each side needs to kill the other once and for all.”

As to Episode 1, which follows: “America is quarantined by the world – humans on the west coast and vampires the east. As both sides plot against the other, a mysterious girl arrives at The Haven in no mans land – a girl who could be the key to the vampires destruction.”

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