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‘Blood Relatives’: Family Drama with Fangs

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Appearing as part of the annual Fantastic Fest was writer/director Noah Segan’s vampire film Blood Relatives, which has been described as a family drama with vampires. Here’s how FF describes it:

“Francis has a deep appreciation for the things of decades past. He drives a bitchin’ 1969 Barracuda Fastback and wears a black leather jacket that looks like it was pilfered from the closet of Arthur Fonzarelli. Like the Fonz — another “nice Jewish boy” — Francis is a misunderstood loner, but he finds himself in the most meshugana of situations. Although he appears to be in his early 30s, Francis was born before the outset of World War II. He can’t go out in the daylight, and although he has extraordinary physical strength, it must be maintained through a unique liquid diet. His family long dead, he survives as a curmudgeon on society’s margins, schlepping his way across the USA, until 15-year-old Jane shows up at the doorstep of his dingy hotel room. Her mother has recently passed away, and Jane herself has some curious attributes that she wants to kvetch about to Francis. Forced to reconsider his drifter status to give his estranged daughter the tools that she’ll need to survive, can Francis adjust to life as a run of the mill, emotionally vulnerable, suburban dad for the sake of his newfound family?

“The feature film directorial debut of longtime Fantastic Fest friend Noah Segan, Blood Relatives is a surprisingly touching film that takes the road movie formula and flips it on its head, recalling the classic NEAR DARK in its deft balance of humor, family drama, and good old-fashioned vampire violence.”

No release date has been announced.

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