Jared Leto Goes Behind the Scenes on ‘Morbius’

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In a new featurette released by Sony Pictures, actor Jared Leto takes viewers behind the scenes on his upcoming vampire film based on the Marvel character Morbius. Describes Leto, “Morbius is a Marvel character who’s been an important part of the universe. He’s brilliant, he’s strong, he’s got some unique powers, but these powers seem to be out of his control. I love the opportunity to do something transformational. It was a very intense physical role. Morbius is at his most frail and then most monstrous. With this superhero/supervillain, it’s putting a new Marvel character on screen that had never been on screen before. And it’s fun to see where we could go with that. There’s a web of opportunity.” Look for Morbius — part of Sony’s expanding cinematic Spider-Verse — in theaters this January.


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