‘The Vampire Circus’: Coming to Florida in October

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If you prefer your vampires live — sort of — and you happen to be in Florida during the month of October, you should check out The Vampire Circus. Here’s what they say at their official site: “Heralded as a mix of circus cabaret and theatre, The Vampire Circus is a mysterious, tantalizing, fun, dark, cutting-edge production guaranteed to amaze the senses. The Vampire Circus has been called a mix of circus cabaret and theater and is the result of a fusion of Tim Burton and Cirque Du Soleil. Enjoy a phenomenal night of live entertainment, based on the multidisciplinary skills of International performers showcasing theater, dance, and gymnastics. This amazing show pushes the physical boundaries of human performance and leaves audiences amazed, astounded, and astonished. Mortal spectators will experience horrific feats of Cirque acrobatics, comical audience interactions, contortionists, jugglers, acrobats, and clowns. Tantalizing sounds, and mesmerizing illusions catapult audiences into an emotional roller-coaster of fear and joy, laugher, and wonder with raving cheers for a ‘Mad Graveyard Clown.’

(The Vampire Circus)

The 90-minute production is an immersive ride through the Underworld and Vampires.  The Vampire Circus was inspired by the magical, captivating allure of legendary traveling carnivals — and a vision of Francisco Santos, CEO founder and Cirque Du Soleil veteran performer. Set in Bohemia during the 19 century, Count Dracula contemplates a plan for world domination, when he decides to open a traveling circus with his gypsy bodyguards. The Vampire Circus is a perfect cover-up to travel unnoticed and begin his world reign of terror and turn all humans into an army of vampires for global dominance.

(The Vampire Circus)

The Vampire Circus is a journey that takes audiences into an immersive experience, plunging guests into a deep hypnotic state while ‘breaking the fourth wall.’ With Vampire Circus, audiences are fully integrated into what is happening in front of them, surrounding them, and at times ‘inside’ of them. The Vampire Circus will delight the senses and deliver the unexpected. As the moon comes out the magical mystique of the Vampire World begins. Come meet the Vampires. We will leave the lights off for you!!”

The Vampire Circus will be performing in South Florida at the Aventura Mal’s Circusent. For more information, go to their site at

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