‘Interview with the Vampire’: Director Alan Taylor on Changes Being Made

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While speaking to the Den of Geek site, director Alan Taylor had a couple of comments to make about AMC’s upcoming adaptation of Interview with the Vampire, which is to star Sam Reid as Lestat and Jacob Anderson as Louis. It was his love for Anne Rice’s original book that drew him to the show, reflecting on the fact that he had recently moved to Manhattan and first read the novel, which essentially blew his mind. “The feeling I got from the book,” he says, “was, ‘Okay, you’ve seen a bunch of vampire stories, but that’s all bullshit. Here’s the truth. This is the real thing.'”

The television series version, which is being written by Rolin Jones, he also points out, is going to require some changes that he believes will deepen certain elements of the original story. But, he emphasizes, “We’re working with the Rice estate and they’re on board with it. I think we’re carrying the original appeals of the novel, but also making some changes that make it worth exploring again.”

Look for Interview with the Vampire some time in 2022.

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