Vampires as Superheroes in Mark Millar’s ‘Night Club’

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The prolific Mark Millar’s, whose filmed adaptations of his comic work includes Kick-Ass and the single-season Netflix series Jupiter’s Legacy, is now turning an idea that was developed for the streaming service and presenting it first as the vampire comic Night Club. In his newsletter, Millar describes the premise this way: “What would you do if you were a teenager and got bitten by a vampire? Skulking in alleys and murdering strangers, I suspect, your last resort when you can climb walls, turn into bats or mist and move at super speed. Like me, I suspect you would mask up and become a superhero and probably bite a few of your friends so you could enjoy this together. When I put this together as a potential TV franchise, we all really loved it and I couldn’t stop seeing the comic version of this. I always like to do at least one volume as a comic, too. Plus, the whole story is done and we have a pile of designs sitting here. So this comic is going to be the first time anyone sees these characters when we launch in the New Year. Issue one of this is going to be their absolute first appearance.”

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