June 27, 2022

2 thoughts on “Writer Mark B. Perry: “You Cannot Do ‘Dark Shadows’ Without Barnabas” (Exclusive)

  1. I am so excited that there will finally be a continuation of Dark Shadows! This show deserves to be continued. It would be more accepted as a fantasy/horror now than it was back in the day. I binge-watch Dark Shadows on Tubi as it is. Now with the continuation show coming, I am doing the happy dance.

    1. I’ve been doing the rewatch on Tubi as well (I’m in the middle of 1795) and it just reminds me why i fell in love with this show as a kid in the first place. I’m actually very excited for Mark B. Perry’s take on ‘Dark Shadows: Reincarnation’ and really hope we get to see it.

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