Director Bassam Tariq Teases His Approach to Vampire Hunter ‘Blade’

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Ever since news that the rights to the daywalker Blade had returned to Marvel, fans have been awaiting the integration of the character into the MCU. We know that it’s supposed to happen in the next couple of years, that vampires were mentioned in an episode of the Disney+ series Loki (driving home the reality of the vampire situation), Mahersala Ali (True Detective) will be playing the title role and that Bassam Tariq (Mogul Mowgli) will serve as director. Outside of that, there has been frustratingly little revealed, although Tariq did suggest what the approach will be regarding the vampire hunter while speaking to the The Playlist Podcast.

“What I can tease about it,” he offers, “is that we care about character, it’s very important for me. I don’t think of genre, I think of character and where our character has to go is gonna be really important. What’s so great is it’s no as boxed in as I think people imagine it to be, which I thought it was, but it’s quite exciting. And I think the reality is there’s no Blade canon. If you ever read the comics, they’re always changing. ‘Oh, it’s this story, it’s this story.’ What’s the canon? It’s not like Peer Parker. His name is Peter Parker. In some comics, his name is Fred H. Blade instead of Eric Brooks. Unfortunately, the runs never lasted that long and there have been some interesting and exciting waves. But I can say it’s character first.”

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