‘Blood Red Sky’ Smashes Netflix Records

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When it comes to content originating from Germany, the vampire film Blood Red Sky has set records on Netflix by being watched by more than 50 million people around the world. Essentially Die Hard with Fangs, the film is set on a transatlantic flight that is taken over by terrorists. An ill woman (Peri Baumeister) is forced to reveal herself as a vampire in order to protect her son. Its success has surprised a lot of people, including director Peter Thorwarth.

“I always believed it would be a successful movie,” he admits to Deadline, “but I never believed it would be a hit globally. We got the numbers and everyone freaked out. I [just] think it’s a very catchy logline — a plane is hijacked and there’s a woman on board who doesn’t want to go into the sunlight. When people talk to each other, they say, ‘Have you seen the movie with the vampires on a plane?’ I know it’s catchy, because I pitched the movie for years and, like a good joke, it had a punchline at the end. I would tell people it was set on a plane that got hijacked, and I could feel them getting bored, and then at the end I would explain that she is a vampire. That was surprising for them.”

Blood Red Sky is currently streaming on Netflix.

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